Tried And True | Meet Jase

Getting the right size in your favorite blues can be down right tricky.

One minute you’re entering the dressing room in good faith and the next you’re falling victim to short inseams and excessive knee-bag. 

But thanks to our selection of extended sizes and our FREE hemming services (thank our mom and pop roots) we customize our jeans to fit YOU.

Which is a total win considering your blues are your closet constant.

From our tallest guys to our shortest gals, we have jeans that fit everyBODY.

And to keep us honest, Meet Jase. A Buckle creative who’s atypical pant standards have been #met. Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.3

Tried and True | Meet Jase

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from Omaha, Nebraska. I work in the video production department at Buckle and study Visual Communication & Design in college.

Fun facts, list three.

  1. I’m 6′6″
  2. Some of my nerdy predilections include: Film & musical scores, history, pondering life, and anything design/art related.
  3. I love coffee. Drip, French press, pour over, etc… but always black.

What’s your style?

I’m a proponent of the button up, whether a solid color or a trendy print, buttoned to the very top. I subscribe to modernism both within design and fashion; so, minimalism with the occasional embellishment.

Meet Jase | Tried and True

Staple pieces you need for fall.

Stance socks, clean denim, a button-up and a slightly askew bow tie.

If your favorite jeans had a signature dance move, which would it be: the Moonwalk or the Carlton?

Certainly the Carlton. I’m a nerdy guy who invariably looks awkward when attempting to bust a move…so I never do.

You’re a tall guy. What are your denim requirements for the perfect fit? 

My lanky body calls for a narrow waist and a long inseam. Pants that satisfy both requirements is usually a rare find.

Denim for Tall Men | Meet Jase

Light jeans or dark jeans?

Typically dark, but whatever the occasion calls for.

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

The return of sweaters and cardigans as the weather begins to shift, basic… I know.

On Jase:

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