Tuesday Tips: Not your Typical Athleisure

While we constantly sing the praises of denim, we can’t help but surrender to the immediate comfort that is our favorite legging.

At home, we can typically be found blanketed in an oversized sweatshirt with our pup draped across our lap like we are the chaise of his dreams – but when we are on the go, we want something with a little more function.

And when we say function, it would be safe to assume we mean oompfh.

You know?

You know. 

So, for fun let’s add in the perfect henley, a blanket scarf (because YAY, blanket on the go) and a dress-turned-duster.

You picking up what we are putting down?

Please forgive us for that one.

But also. We really like this.

Leggings with riding boots and the perfectly soft socks that promise we won’t be freezing in .02 seconds.

And a close-up on the scarf – because, again, YUMMY.

An actual workout in our future?

Keeping the socks, swapping the top – and adding a bralette because why not add some advocacy to a great outfit?

Off the shoulder has been our go-to trick for making comfy pieces look somewhat chic since we were in high school – and we feel good saying that 18-year-old us was ON TREND.

BKE Boutique velvet bodysuit paired with black denim jacket with ruffle detailing.

Workout done, trend pieces – not so much.

Hear us out, velvet bodysuits and joggers are not the easiest combination to roll with – but we think you will appreciate the easiness of it when it’s all said and done.

Less tucking, less bulge, and doubling as both happy hour and nap friendly – because happy hour may parlay into a nap and we don’t want to have to change first.

Strappy heel – outfit monopoly.

Denim > everything – except every once in a great while, then, ATHLEISURE.

Joggers you will want to live in paired with Madden Girl heels.

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