Tuesday Tips: Simon says add socks.

While I’m still not sure who Simon is, or why I want so desperately to follow his instructions, I have to say he is right on this one.

Socks are the hero to your winter wardrobe that you didn’t know you needed. With staying warm being a top priority, simply adding some stylish fabric swatches to your favorite heel shouldn’t be considered ‘an option’ but ‘the option’.


Don’t believe us? Exhibit A: Sheer never looked so chic, and I’m writing this in the height of naked-dress season.

Free People worked their magic once again in the form of a sparkly stocking, and they are a match-made in heaven with this heel.



Exhibit B: Cool girl done right.

We all went overboard with perforated boots, so now we are determined to make them last the winter months. Daytrip took notice and released the color-blocked sock that takes this Obey sweatshirt to the next level.




Exhibit C: Lucky us, these Freebird cutouts were meant to shine.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and this patterned sock is one that begs for attention. We have to admit, they deserve it.


Socks are a blister-free promise that this holiday season will be a good one.

Simon says, trust us.


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