Tuesday Tips: We’re Talking Outerwear

BRRRR – it’s soon to be cold in here, so let’s get some outwear on hand in preparation.

While the classic chant is a little more catchy, we are being a little more realistic. It’s the season of chilly, dew-covered mornings that turn into warm afternoons that turn into open-window kind of nights.

Wardrobe translation:  it is the season of layers that can be added or ditched on a whim – while remaining a true #OOTD.

Not all trends are versatile, but here is where outwear shines.

Moto-inspired pieces that look at home draped across our shoulders or on the back of a bike.

his and hers vest - wool and fleece, ultimate cool style

His: BKE Reid Vest (standard fit) and BKE Hallsy henley             Hers: Avalanche Tourmaline hybrid vest

Switching gears to casual.

His and hers – vest edition. No, not what your dad insisted on wearing to every football game, but an updated take that makes it more of a no-sleeve, no-problem sort of situation.

We aren’t breaking out the fleece bedding just yet, but jumping into a fleece vest is the next best thing.

Hers: BKE canvas jacket                  His: Billabong barlow jacket

Let’s get deep for a second.

You know that feeling where you’re like ‘heck yes I look good and FEEL good in this’ – let’s make that a constant.

A second look, a third look – and maybe a conversation starter. We are loving canvas for transitional, and when you add some hardware or a great varsity stripe – well, heck yes we look good and FEEL good.

P.S. – if you do have a bike, find us, then this jacket.

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