Watch Talk with Jason

Some people collect stamps; some collect rocks; while others collect cards or coins, but it’s not every day that you meet a true watch enthusiast. Yesterday, we had the chance to sit down with Jason from our merchandising team to discuss his collection of watches. Jason has an upbeat personality that just sucks you in. He’s contagious with positive vibes and his passion for watches. Hearing Jason’s experience with watches might just inspire you to start a collection of your own.

Check out our interview with Jason to find out why watches are more than just time-tellers.

How did you get into watches?

From a young age, I always owned and wore watches. I have always liked the details and uniqueness that each watch style and brand has. Just like updating my closet with new jeans, tops, and shoes each season, I try to update the watches I have.

How many watches do you have?

If I told you the exact number it would get me into trouble with my family. Let’s just say that it’s more than 20. I actually have a case to store and display them. When my friends or family see my display case and collection for the first time, they are quick to comment that I have a watch problem and should seek out some help.

Why do you feel the need for more than one watch?

For me, watches have an emotional value, as crazy as it sounds. Some of my watches have been gifts from friends or family. Others have been finishing touches to certain outfits, and many have been splurges. No matter how I have acquired each watch, all of them have a story to go with them from various times in my life. Also, they are an obsession and conversation piece. Some people collect sports cards, pens/pencils, shot glasses, or what have you. I happen to collect watches and I’m almost always able to strike up a conversation with complete strangers when I wear my more unique watches.

What draws you to watches as your main accessory?

I think a watch is about function, fashion, and uniqueness. A watch is always there when I need it with the flip of a wrist. They rarely need charging, and I don’t have to go digging into a pocket to see what time it is. They are a fashion statement by making a difference between a great outfit and a great outfit that gets a second look. Last, a watch is one of the few items that can separate individuals from one another. The watches we wear say a lot about the type of person we are, our personality, or mood for the day.

Which brand is your favorite?

It is hard to pick just one favorite watch brand. I have always had an appreciation for Fossil brand watches. They have great construction, details, and are affordable. I have most recently become a fan of Nixon. They are stylish, sporty, and not to mention, make a statement when worn.

Which watch is your favorite?

My favorite is the Nixon 51-30. I like this one so much I have a stainless steel, gold, silicon, and black nylon.

What makes this watch so unique?

The 51-30 is durable and stylish. It’s bold printed indices on the face, clean lines, solid construction, and large size all combine to make a handsome watch. It is rare for me to wear one of my 51-30 watches and not receive a compliment from someone.

What’s on your watch radar?

I am really liking the mono-chrome grey and rugged sports watches that are showing up more this season.

These styles can be worn with a variety of looks and are something new and different from the traditional styles of watches.

Thanks for meeting up with us, Jason!

What do you collect? Comment below, and let us know what fashion trend you’re obsessing over.

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