What Wearing Green, Blue, or Purple Say About You

What vibe are you sending today with the colors you’re sportin’? We’ve broken down the color wheel, now read on to see what wearing the colors Green, Blue, or Purple say about you – and let your true colors shine through!

Wearing green puts most people in a good mood. Green gives off a peaceful and power energy that results in positive feelings throughout the day. Brighter shades of green sweatshirts are great for a sporty or casual look.

Blue is the color of success and inspires confidence. Opt for blue accessories, as this color signifies loyalty and trustworthiness. Because of this, blue has been chosen as the best color choice if you’re looking to tackle a job interview and leave a great lasting impression.

Purple represents elegance and class. It can represent a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle since it is rare in nature, but is the perfect color to wear to give a highly stylish impression. Try a purple top to jazz up an everyday affair.

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