Your Ultimate Guide To Women’s Buckle Black Jeans

Your Guide To Women's Buckle Black Jeans

If there’s one denim brand of ours that might not yet be on your radar, but should be, it’s Buckle Black.

Relatively new in comparison to our more widely-known BKE jeans, that have been around since 1991, Buckle Black women’s jeans debuted in 2014 and have been making a name for themselves ever since. As our in-house premium line of denim, Buckle Black offers a lot of bang for your buck with its elevated fabrics and finishes!

Within Buckle Black, there are 5 fits to consider. The fits range from slim to curvy, and each jean gets more relaxed as you progress through the options. In this guide, we’re going to break down each fit for you, so you can find out which jeans work best for you.

First things things, let us introduce you to some of the features that all Buckle Black jeans have (spoiler alert: they’re pretty great):

  • The jeans comes in inclusive sizing with waist sizes 22-38 and inseams 24″-36″ available.
  • All denim fabric used in making each style of jean is personally selected in-house by our denim team. They only work with premium denim mills and choose fabrics with high stretch and strong recovery properties, and super-soft luxe hand feels. You will be able to feel the difference, trust us!
  • A little insider secret (that we don’t want to keep so secret) is that we get our denim from the same mills as other premium denim brands out on the market, but we sell our jeans for a fraction of the price. You truly are getting a lot of value with a Buckle Black jean!
  • All design elements – from the thread color, to the fabrics, to the processing techniques, to the hardware on each jean – are meticulously chosen by that same in-house team. The jeans are truly and thoughtfully designed by us, making them unique and exclusive to Buckle. You’re not going to find these jeans anywhere else.
  • The signature back pocket design is trademarked – no other retailer we’ll have back pockets like ours!
  • Shaping & Smoothing pockets have been added to nearly all Buckle Black jeans. We’ll talk more about this later, but for now, on to the fits…

FIT NO. 23

Buckle Black’s slim fit is most comparable to a low rise BKE Stella – only with the elevated fabrications like we talked about above. The jean comes in a low rise with superior stretch fabric, and is offered in both skinny and ankle skinny (slightly shorter inseam) leg openings. Now, when we say superior stretch fabric, what we mean is 360° movement, nothing is going to hold you back, do a cartwheel, do a flip, do whatever you want in these jeans, because the stretch is that good. And this true for all Buckle Black jeans with stretch fabric.

Now to speak toward the low rise of this jean, while it may not be for everyone, these jeans did surprisingly well in the squat test. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried on a true low rise jean (hi, me the writer 👋), and I was pleasantly surprised at their comfort and ability to stay at my waist while I squatted, and sat, and moved around, trying to see how the jeans would fit throughout wear. Know that you won’t have to worry about holding onto your britches while bending over or sitting down in these jeans.


FIT NO. 53

Truth be told, Fit No. 53 kind of steals the show. It’s the bread and butter of Buckle Black and it’s where you’re going to find the majority of offerings. As a regular fit, it’s the brand’s jean that has appealed to the most people. Being the most popular fit from brand, it’s available in a mid and high rise, and every leg opening – go ahead and see for yourself.


Within Fit No. 53, we thought we would just introduce you to just some of the options. The pair right above here is one of our newest styles. As a high rise ankle straight jean, it has an 11.75″ front rise, button fly, and a straight leg with a shorter 26″ inseam – and it’s giving us major vintage vibes.


While you’re going to find most of Fit No. 53’s options in a skinny or ankle skinny leg opening, the jean is also offered in a bootcut and flare (more on that below). As a jean that’s been making a comeback, bootcuts are surprisingly refreshing, and many people still swear by them. When’s the last time you tried on a bootcut?

If you do, we promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and now that they’re mostly offered in a mid-rise, they’re extremely flattering. Why? Let us do some explaining. Ideally, you would wear a bit of a heel with these jeans, be it a true heel or heeled bootie. These added inches in height combined with the wide leg opening and higher rise helps balance and accentuate your curves. In other words, your legs will look slimmer compared to the wide leg opening, and the higher rise will hit closer to your natural waist (i.e. the smallest part of your waist). Have we convinced you to try a bootcut, yet? If anything, it’s a nice change up from your regular denim rotation.


Now to talk about flares. Speaking from personal experience (hi, again), the Buckle Black Fit No. 53 high rise flare is one of my favorite jeans because it’s one of the comfortable pair of jeans that I own. This is all definitely because of the jeans 10.25″ front rise, comfort waistband, and oh-so-comfy superior stretch fabric. Plus, like the bootcut, flare jeans have those same flattering properties because of their even-wider leg opening.


FIT NO. 256

Buckle Black’s Universal Fit is universal in a couple of ways. First, as the name implies, the jean fits the most broad range of body types because of its eased fit throughout the waist, hip, and thighs. But secondly, this jean is also universal because it’s versatile in how you can wear it. Go with your true size for a fit like above, or you can size up 1-2 sizes and wear the jean more slouchy like a boyfriend fit. With Fit No. 256, you get versatility in styling.

For me personally, I found these jeans to be really comfortable because while I need more room in the thighs of a jean, I don’t necessarily need the waistband to be as brought in as it is for some curvy jeans (more on that below). Knowing how you need your jeans to fit your thighs versus how you need them to fit your waist can really be helpful in finding the most comfortable and flattering jeans for your body type.


FIT NO. 76

This is our newest fit added to the Buckle Black family! 🙌 Well sort of, we took our Fit No. 76, and redesigned it to be the jean more of you are looking for – a curvy jean! The new and improved Fit No. 76 is now known as Buckle Black Curvy. This redesigned fit sits higher on your waist with a 10.5″ front rise, and gives plenty of room for your hips and thighs, but is nipped in at the waist to flatter that hourglass silhouette of yours and prevent waistband gapping. Buckle Black Curvy is offered in ankle, skinny, straight, and bootcut leg openings – and we’re excited to see this jean take off, as so many of our other curvy jeans have!



Last but not least, the Buckle Black Sculpted High Rise. It doesn’t have a fit number, but what we can tell you is that it’s a slim fit with one of our highest rises at 11.25″. The jean is designed to lift and contour, with superior stretch fabric and Shaping & Smoothing Pockets that are sewn down from hip to fly to really hold you in (this is actually a feature of almost every Buckle Black jean)! I also personally own a pair of jeans in this fit and can attest to how flattering these jeans really are. While we only offer a few styles in this fit, this jean is definitely worthy of a spot in your closet.

Now that you’ve received the complete run down, do we have you completely and utterly convinced, or maybe even just curious? Consider this guide an invitation to get your first pair of Buckle Black Jeans, you won’t regret it!



  • Rock Newell

    does buckle have any jeans made in usa?

    • Buckle Blog

      Hi Rock, we’re glad your interested in Buckle’s jeans. Currently, our private label jeans, as well as some of our other jeans from other brands, are designed in the USA, but they are not manufactured in the USA. You can find out more information about each of our items under the Fabric Care tab on each item’s details page on our website.

      Here’s a link to shop any of our private label jeans:
      Men’s Jeans:
      Women’s Jeans:

      Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading our blog!

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