2017 Thanksgiving Styles For Women Brought To You By Gimmicks

The best of November is upon us, yet again.

As we navigate this week’s festivities greeted with warm wishes, hot dishes, and mom’s sweet pumpkin pie, we can’t help but share the collection that will get you through it all.

If you’re not a Gimmicks girl yet we’re here to drop the “Wheat Romance” collection that is sure to gain approval by all.

Emulating our appreciation for the sweet comforts of home, while exemplifying our season’s favorite trends, this collection is sure to turn heads.

Fashion statement? Yes.

Fashion nod to our Midwest roots? You bet.

Those in favor of elastic waistbands on Thanksgiving, raise your hand. Person Raising Hand on Apple iOS 11.1

*The room concedes.*

Made from comfort cottons, this midi sweater skirt gets serious points in softness and versatility. Consider it your next holiday staple that can be mixed and matched with all of your festive favorites now through New Years Eve and beyond.

What can we say? We just can’t have too much of a good thing and we consider this skirt a knockout.

But zoom in on its plaid and velvet cardigan counterpart, and we find ourselves dreaming of fireside nights and evening lights.

Styled with classic blues and a basic tee, our Gimmicks Plaid and Velvet Cardigan will easily take top priority in your weekday warrior wardrobe.

Worn over that holiday skirt or dress? This overpiece is an instant bff on chilly nights that adds to your outfit instead of detracts.

For those who favor the sweet side of things, our Gimmicks Ribbed Sweater is perfect for those who take their style in part fashion, part function.

Warm where it counts and femme when it matters, this cold shoulder sweater brings you the best of comfort and style.

(Side note: Have we now witnessed #hairgoals? Yes. Yes, we have.)

And last but not even close to our least, the Gimmicks Military Jacket for the ultra-confident souls who aren’t afraid to sport a slightly structured jacket.

Pair it with a vintage jean and on-trend velvets for a look that stands out above the rest, without compromising originality.

Because no matter where we’ve planted our feet, we just can’t outrun our homegrown roots. Who’s with us? Sparkles on Apple iOS 11.1

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