Holiday Gifts on a Budget – Quality Presents Under $30, $50, and $75!

As the last of our Black Friday boxes grace our doorsteps this week, we can’t help but wonder how many of us checked off our Christmas list or our want list this past weekend.

Here’s a hint… we plead guilty. 

With a buy one, get one deal here and a “style steal” there, the holiday dress attire was looking far too good to ignore.

Our solution to gift giving looks pretty simple this year – Christmas presents your whole fam will love without the hefty price tag.

Curating a few of our favorite brands and styles, we encourage you to check out our guide to holiday gifts on a budget all under $75 & $50 (psst, we even snuck in some $30)!

(Oh, and we might just be breaking a few of our common misconceptions along the way.)

Gifts Under $30

Misconception: “I like your jeans, but everything else is too expensive.”

Fact check: While it’s true that we carry established brands and premium products, we also cater to guests looking for quality clothing without the $$$$ price.

Take our Miguel Blowfish sneakers for $29.95 for example. These black canvas shoes will go with everything this winter from your favorite leggings to that cutout sweater you love and black skinnies.

Again, our men’s selection is no exception. You can find a variety of styles in their favorite brands from Stance socks to Hurley tees.

We’re pretty sure our gifts under $30 would even make a yeti smile…

(Had to make sure you’re still following us here.)

Gifts Under $50

Misconception: “You only carry embellished jeans.”

Fact Check: Do we carry embellished jeans? Again, guilty (and proud). But we promise if you’re not a girl who appreciates a little shimmer or shine there are options for everyone. From clean dark washes to light with destruction, we have the style and fit at a price you can afford.

Can’t persuade you? See all of our jeans under $50, we dare ya.

Does the guy in your life need a dressier pant option? We have those too. For only $49.95 we foresee some well-dressed events for your favorite students in the near future.

Gifts Under $75

Misconception: “I love the fit of your jeans, but $100 is a lot for one pair.”

Fact Check: We sell jeans at every price point and some of our favorites happen to be under $75 including BKE, Daytrip, KanCan, and Flying Monkey for the ladies.

We’re also big fans of BKE and Departwest for our guys because we have heard time and time again that our jeans surpass the test of time (AKA 5+ years, some cases even 10).

And even for those who believe $75 is too much for a pair of jeans, we just want to emphasis the value of finding your perfect fit.

When it fits, you will feel the denim difference – one that leaves you feeling a little more comfortable, a little bit more confident, and a little more like you (for the next 5-10 years).

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