5 Fair Outfits Every Girl Needs

Four girlfriends head to the fair looking stylish in outfits from Buckle.

Ahh the fair – It’s a hallmark to many of our summers.

From funnel cakes to carnival rides to everything deep fried, no summers quite complete without attending at least one state or county fair.

And whether you’re there for the food, fun, or friendly competition, one important questions remains. What are you going to wear?

With so much going on at the fair – you need an outfit that fits each affair. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the things.

Here’s Our Fair Outfit Lineup:

For The Concert

Chilling on a dirt road… more like at a country concert. It’s going to be a boot-scooting good time, and good times call for Insta-worthy outfits.

We can’t fight a good cliché and a country concert is just the time to break out the cowboy boots.

Add your favorite denim skirt (Yesss… they’re back in style again) and tie up the outfit with a graphic convo tee.

For The Grandstand

Demo derbies, bull rides – any grandstand events that are hot and crowded really – are going to require shorts. 

These midi-shorts from Daytrip Refined are the perfect length – not too long, not too short. Keep even cooler and pair them with this perfect pink tank.

For The Show Ring

For all the livestock girls out there, we know the ring is about all showing off – jeans included.

And Rock Revival jeans always got a little something something extra going on – okay, a lot going on –  but you know you can always count on them to deliver a standout performance.

Once you get your blue jeans on, kick the dust up in some flipped ankle cowboy boots from Corral.

For The Carnival

If hitting the midway with your best gals pals is more your thing, the cutest trendies pieces are the way to go.

It’s going to be hot, so picking a tank top, tube top, or bodysuit is your best bet.

We love bodysuits because beyond being on-trend, they stay so nicely tucked into our jeans. This red top is actually a long-fitting tank, but it fits just like a bodysuit.

Women in summer fair outfit from Buckle. She is wearing a multicolored stripped tube top, paired with navy and red wide-leg fashion pants from Gilded Intent, and pink blush colored ankle strap wedged.

Striped Tube Top (coming soon) // Gilded Intent Wide Leg Pants // Ankle Strap Wedge (coming soon)

We’re keeping it cool with these next two trends. If you were too young to get in on tube tops the first or second time around – consider this your moment.

Speaking of having a moment, wide-leg fashion pants are having theirs and you want to be a part of it – trust us. Get in line early and enjoy this ride for as long as you can. Just see some of what this trend has to offer below:

There you have it ladies, five summer outfits perfect for the fair, but also great to go round and round with for the rest of summer.

Four friends in their Buckle outfits stand with their backs toward the camera looking upward at the Farris wheel at the fair.

What’s your favorite part of the fair?
Let us know in the comments below!


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