Fit Guide: BKE Denim For Women

Stella by BKE pocket

We are all guilty of having that favorite pair of jeans, you know the one.

The jeans you stretch just one more wear out of before tossing them in the hamper, only to inevitably dig them back out when that girl’s night invite comes through.

The pair that hugs you in the right place, while stretching just enough everywhere else.

So, if we love that favorite pair of jeans so much… why do we limit ourselves to just that one pair?

We don’t think you should.

Which is one of the reasons we have BKE. One of our core (and exclusive!) brands built on the idea that you should have your favorite jeans, and have them in all options – fit, finish, and bottom opening.

All you need to do is find that perfect fit and run with it.

Meet Stella:

If the girl next door was a jean, she’d be a Stella. One of our longest running fits, that seemingly only gets better with age. New colors, finishes, bottom openings – and what was once the epitome of low-rise fits, now has a mid-rise and even high-rise option.

Stella fits slim through your hip and thigh, promising a fit that won’t be lost as the day goes on.

Meet Gabby:

Remember that bit about the perfect jean hugs you in the right places and has just enough stretch? Yeah, we were talking about Gabby.

A true curvy fit, Gabby offers a little more room to move through the hip and thigh. High-rise lovers, this one’s for you – the perfect fit to ensure you look good coming and going.

Meet Payton:

We’ll let you in on a secret, not everyone who loves a curvy fit, wants it in a high-rise. That’s why we have Payton. So comfortable you may forget for a second that you’re wearing jeans, in a mid-rise option that still lifts and smooths, but not so high.

Oh, and did you notice she was a bootcut? We have bootcut, skinny, AND straight options within the Payton – even more reason to grab more than one!

BKE is that label we can’t get enough of. Add in the years of perfecting the fits, and having some fun with the finishes, now we have more options than ever before. We promise BKE will fit right in to your everyday denim rotation.

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