5 Men’s Denim Trends For Fall

5 Men's Denim Trends For Fall

This fall, we’ve put a huge emphasis on the fact that we offer jeans for everyone. Not only a fit for everyone, but trends for everyone, and this listing of men’s denim trends for fall is very telling of just that.

Within each trend, there are options in fit, style, and brand, allowing each of our guests to embrace trends in ways that work for them and their current style.

This list of trends is also a compilation of what we’re seeing in the marketplace and it’s what we’re seeing our guests buy the most of. If you’re looking to mix up your denim routine and try something new, or if you’re simply trying to keep with the times, scroll on for the top 5 men’s denim trends for fall.


Men's Destructed Denim
Shop The Outfit: Sullen Long-Sleeve T-shirt // Rock Revival Jeans // Steve Madden Sneakers

When shopping for jeans, it’s hard to escape the piles and piles of artfully destructed denim. Destruction is everywhere, and for good reason. It’s the trend that’s transpired for over a decade – and it’s still going strong. Why do people love destructed denim so much? We think it has something to do with its way of just making a look. Resulting in distressed denim being the one steadfast trend that always keeps outfits interesting without becoming the trend that’s too overdone.

Regardless of what’s caused this craze, it’s given us an abounding amount of options. You have your pick of everything between just a hit of fabric grinding or sanding to all-over destruction. Anything goes and it’s up to you to decide what level of destruction fits your style.



Men's Moto Jeans
Shop The Outfit: Nova Industries Mock-Neck Pullover // Crysp Biker Skinny Jeans // Outpost Makers Boots (3 colors)

A lot of us are always looking for the newest, latest, greatest thing, and if that’s what you’re looking for in denim – moto jeans are it. The eye-catching, in-your-face ribbed detailing that screams for attention is the ultimate statement in streetwear.

Your go-to brands for this trend are DOPE and Crysp, but you will see hits of this trend for other favorite brands.



When it comes to statement pockets, a lot of us may only think of Rock Revival, but a pocket statement doesn’t just have to mean heavy on the embellishments. It can if you want it to, but it also means things like signature detailing.

Take BKE for example, on the spectrum of statement pockets, theirs are definitely of the toned-down variety, but their jeans still feature signature back pocket designs with contrast cord stitching, piecing, and other detailing techniques that make these jeans stand apart from other brands.

Moving along the spectrum, you’ll find brands like Buckle Black and Salvage that are offering even more of a one-two punch – think bolder stitching, bigger detailing, and the introduction of leather piecing. Brands like Affliction and American Fighter start to bring the hardware with the addition of studs and distinctive detailing like leather patches and piecing in the shape of AF’s eagle and namesake “A”. The knockout champ of them all though is Rock Revival with its trademark fleur-de-lis and double-R designs. When it comes to statement pockets, the choice is really yours! What kind of statement do you want to make?



Men's Slim Jeans
Shop The Outfit: BKE Vintage Plaid Shirt // Outpost Makers Slim Fit Jeans // Departwest Slip-on Shoe

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, not all slim fits are created skinny. Can you get a skinny jean in a slim fit? Sure, but slim fits are more than just a pair of tight fitting pants and a skinny leg opening. In fact, you can get slim fits in skinny, tapered, straight, and bootcut leg openings – and that can really change up the look of the jean.

For us, slim fits are more about a modern, tailored look. Think less fabric, more structure, and depending on which slim fit you go for, you can end up with all sorts of looks – everything from refined denim that’s appropriate for the office to edgy looks with lots of destruction.

Some of our most popular slim fits are BKE Alec and Aiden, Rock Revival Slim Straight and Slim Bootcut, Salvage Havoc, and the Departwest Trouper. You can learn more about slim fits in our new Denim Guide and you can see how we’re styling slim fits in this blog post.



Shop The Outfit: Departwest Henley // BKE Jake Black Jeans // Steve Madden Dress Shoe

Last but not least, black denim. It’s a trend that’s been popular for a few seasons now and we can’t reiterate enough how good a pair of black jeans will look on you. Not only do they change up your everyday denim routine, but their dark color makes them extremely versatile and flattering to wear. If you don’t own a pair of black jeans, now is the time to get a pair or two because you can wear these jeans to the office, to date night, to a night out with friends. You name it, black jeans will probably work for it.


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