5 Reasons To Love Genuine Leather

If there’s one thing we’re experts on, it’s quality. And when it comes to leather we believe real is better. Don’t get us wrong, faux leather has its purposes – but we’re firm believers in the value of certain investment pieces here and there. 

So we’re bringing out the facts with five reasons why genuine leather is better (and worth the price tag).

1. Premium Quality

Like we said, you get what you pay for. And with real leather you know you’re getting premium quality. Leather is strong, flexible, breathable, and comfortable.

Trust us, your faux leather shoes are not nearly as durable as these babies.

Real leather boots from Buckle

Timberland Leather Boot // Kendall & Kylie Nori Leather Boot // Crevo Suede Boot Coming Soon // Circle G Boot Coming Soon

2. Leather Lasts Longer

So you’re probably thinking buying real leather can be a bit of an investment – but it actually saves you money in the long run.

Think about it. Every year you buy a new pair of faux leather boots or maybe even a new leather jacket that got too worn from everyday wear.

With genuine leather, they’ll basically last you a lifetime if you treat them right. That’s why we like to call them lifetime leathers. 

3. Leather is easy to clean

You also get a high-maintenance look without the high maintenance cleaning. Sure you want to protect your leather, it’s SO easy to clean it. 

All you need is mild soap and a clean damp cloth. Cleaning once a month will keep your leathers in mint condition.

Leather cleaner is also another easy way to keep your leather looking brand new!

4. Leather is eco-friendly

Even better, leather is a natural product with less toxins and allergens. There are almost no dangerous chemicals used to make leather goods which then minimizes pollution. 

And even though your leather will last you forever, the fabric is biodegradable!

5. Leather is timeless

If you think about it, leather has always been in style. Whether it’s a jacket, shoes, a handbag – even that leather mini skirt – it’s a timeless look that goes with pretty much everything.

And we have to mention, nothing compares to the smell of real leather (but you already knew that).

So we get it, leather can be pricey – but we promise it is so worth it. While we firmly believe you can never have too many shoes (or purses), sometimes quality over quantity takes the win.

Bonus: many of the reasons to love genuine leather also apply to genuine suede, which is leather that’s flesh side has been rubbed to a velvety soft texture.

Are you obsessed yet? We are.

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