Introducing Extra Soft Styles at Buckle

We love online shopping (obviously). Whoever decided that we should be able to pick out our clothes without leaving the comfort of our bed and have them delivered straight to our doorstep – genius.

When it comes to shopping online there’s definitely more to consider. Like how’s this going to look on? How will it fit? Will I feel like Beyoncé (even on a bad day)? Is it comfortable? Will it survive the laundry, even when we accidentally throw it in the dryer?

So. Many. Things.

But all we want to know this season…is it soft? And now, we can help you with that too. 

Meet our softness rating (found online) – officially detecting just how soft some of our styles truly are. We’re not saying it’s groundbreaking, but it’s just that added little detail that will help you hit “Add To Bag.”

Our levels of softness are measured by the look and feel of each fabric for ultimate comfort.

The softness ratings include So Soft, Super Soft, and Irresistibly Soft. When shopping online, you’ll find that certain products will be labeled to indicate their level of softness.

Level 1: So Soft

So Soft styles at Buckle

In our So Soft collection you’ll find knitted tops, plaids, and short and long-sleeve tees. Think comfortable, everyday fabrics you’ll want to wear on repeat.

Level 2: Super Soft

Super Soft styles at Buckle

The Super Soft collection has more sweater knits that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling. These are not just any itchy sweater. These fabrics are self-explanatory in the best way – SUPER soft and pleasing to the touch. 

Level 3: Irresistibly Soft

Irresistibly Soft styles at Buckle

The Irresistibly Soft collection is just that, irresistible. Think sherpa, fleece, and chenille-like fabrics. These cozy styles have a luxurious look and feel, perfect for the cooler days ahead.

Trust us, you NEED to get your hands on these.

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