5 Reasons to Love Levi’s

Levi’s. They’re not your average jean. 

Probably because they are THEE jean. The OG of denim world.

And we’re applauding.

Girl in a white t-shirt and Levi's skinny jeans from Buckle.

But for some of us, buying into the hype of Levi’s is easier said than done. We get it.

Your #1 hang-up might be whether or not their popularity will surpass 2017… 2020… etc.

We’re believers, and this is why.

Levi's Shorts Logo above the back pocket.

Originality & Heritage – Americans sang everywhere the day Levis Strauss (THE man) and Jacob Davis, a tailor, were granted a patent for the first blue jean design on May 20, 1873.

Lasting 144 years, it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere soon. Which brings us to our next point…

Innovation – Levi’s are notorious for bringing us updates to their well-established lines and fits. From 100% cotton, to new levels of stretch – you will find the right fit in the fabric of your dreams.

(Our favorites include the original 501 fit and high-rise skinny 721.)

The button fly – Speaking of fabric and details, this throwback alternative is a style aesthetic that bodysuits and tucked-in tees have already befriended.

And you should too considering their coolest factor is right up there next to naps.

Quality – Built to last, Levi’s denim was originally inspired for work wear which makes sense considering the denim’s durable fibers.

But don’t get it wrong, these jeans were meant for athleisure. Ever heard of Levi’s Commuter series? They were made for urban cyclists who want an alternative route to work. Sweet stuff friends, sweet stuff.

But lastly, we dig them for…

Sustainability – Levi’s is cutting back on the amount of water used during production and finding new ways to use recycled water in their Water

Saving nearly 1.8 billion liters of water versus traditional methods, they are dedicated to finding more ways to be eco-friendly. Perfect for celebrating World Water Day.

And that’s something we can cheers to!

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