Your Weekend Jeans Have Arrived

It’s time to celebrate the weekend with our favorite staple.

Denim (sorry ladies, leggings can’t take this one).

From afternoons with your fam, to evenings with your friends, jeans are all about the good times.

Girls in Buckle clothing on top of a roof.

Editor’s Pick: Buckle Black and Daytrip Refined.

And so are we until we have to run errands…

Black Daytrip Lynx Jeans

Daytrip Lynx  – $48.50.

Ladies, for every weekend spent running around or going out, you need these jeans as back up.

Duplicating as your best friend, this skinny stretch jean will let you feel no remorse on cheat day. Extra guac, please.

Girl in Daytrip Bodysuit.

Daytrip Bodysuit – $24.95.

But if black jeans aren’t your thing, we’re nodding toward Gilded Intent for more denim inspo. Something about that well-loved, lived in thing has us feeling some type of way.

And what type is that? Happy. We’re happy.

Guys on top of a building in Buckle clothes.

Editor’s Picks: Departwest Denim and Outpost Makers Jeans.

For the gents, we’re recommending our BKE Jake jean. Straight through the hip, leg, and thigh, it keeps things casual, just like our plans.

Besides, it has performance stretch fabric for high flexibility. You know, just in case something were to get crazy.

Which if you can’t tell… we’re not opposed to.

Group of people overlooking the rooftop.

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