5 Stylish and Inexpensive Looks to Take You From Monday through Friday

It’s no secret that we, along with most of our Buckle babes, love our exclusive brand, Daytrip. And for good reason.

When the season’s trends meet quality with a value price tag, you don’t pass up a chance to try out your new favorites styles. Especially, when our buyers have snuck in those closet classics that you just can’t have enough of.  

That’s why we’ve curated 5 looks from our Daytrip line to ensure that you get through your Monday grind to your Fri-YAY vibes in style.


Weekday Scenario: Early morning wakeup call meets spilt coffee, a long to-do list, and the shuffle against the clock.

Style Solution: A relaxed top in a classic print with a trend sleeve to bring you ultimate comfort during your one-shot espresso morning. Add a stretchy pant in a dark wash and your favorite slides for a morning that will be sure to beat the Monday blues.


Weekday Scenario: Feeling the (slight) lack of yesterday’s morning efforts, you’re ready to dive-in, finish those tasks that didn’t quite get checked off the list. You might even treat yourself this morning to a vanilla chai because you’re running on-time and on-point.

Style Solution: A soft, yet feminine sweater with your favorite pair of jeans for that extra boost of confidence. They make you feel good, while your sweater keeps you comfortable. It’s a double win for the day that’s all about completing tasks and feeling great doing it.


Weekday Scenario: All of your Tuesday productivity kept going throughout the night. From cleaning the living space to investing time in your personal interests, you’re left feeling a little drag. However, considering it’s the middle of the week, your attitude is on the up and up.

Style Solution: Dry shampoo and our floral satin top will make you feel all the more put together even if you’re not sure whether your Wednesday is playing Monday in disguise. Either way, we’re going half-in today.


Weekday Scenario: The day we conquer the tasks we told ourselves we would get done before Friday. And with an “almost” Friday lingering in the back of our minds, we’re ready to channel all of the weekend hype into our 9:00 – 5:00.

Style Solution: A great outfit. From an effortless flannel to skinny stretch jeans and your favorite booties, this is the day you put one of your best outfits forward. Because if you’re going to get some things done, you’re gunna do it feeling your best.


Weekday Scenario: Who are we kidding? It’s almost the weekend. Party Popper on Apple iOS 11.2

Style Solution: An outfit that will take you from day to night is prime. We love a white lace top that’s day time approved (long tank optional here), and night-time ready. High-waisted jeans continue to be our after hours go-to, and we know they’ll fit right into your Friday plans.

The price tag for a great weekday wardrobe? Our least concern where Daytrip is concerned.


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