New Year, New Outfit

A new year often times lends itself to a complete revamp – a big inhale, followed by a slow exhale – some decluttering, healthy eating, maybe meditation. It also calls for a metallic-inclined outfit.

We don’t make the rules.

So, if your plans include competing with the ball in NYC this Saturday, we have a few suggestions.

Pro tip:  you can only truly razzle, dazzle people if you are not a human ice cube doing it. Sure, we love a sequin mini dress as much as the next girl, but let’s be real – a jacket that is just as much shine as it is practical is the way to go.

Canvas and sequins seem like the perfect couple to welcome in the new year – if you don’t believe us, see above.

Even though the wrapping paper is back in it’s designated closet, we are calling velvet the holiday trend that isn’t ending any time soon.

Is it even a New Year’s party if it doesn’t involve a luxe fabric with playful detailing? (we think no)

Now fellas, we know that ‘metallic detailing’ may not immediately entice you – but hear us out. The foiling on this Rock Revival tee is the way to make a tee seem a little more than just a tee, especially if you have someone you’re meeting at midnight.

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