5 Fall Trends Coming Your Way

Fall activities, they’re pretty darn great. It’s a season that has you thinking about pumpkin flavored everything…well, at least we are. Maybe you’re just thinking about Labor Day plans, if so, let us invite you to browse these six new trends that will work in your closet, even after the last leaves fall.

Plaid Around Your Waist – Yes, you’ve probably seen this trend already. But know where this trend wants to see you? At your college football stadium – cheering. Update your favorite game day tee by adding a plaid in your team colors.

Maxi Shirts – We’re finding out that longer, is better. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, and it can go over anything. That’s why the maxi shirt is a fall trend that complements anything from concerts to apple picking.

Boots and Socks – Hear those crunchy little leaves under your boots? Yeah, us too. Opt for boots and socks that have intricate detailing. From fringe to lace, this season has a wide variety of boots in store that will keep you covered all day.

Denim on Denim – Not only is chambray a trending style this season, blue hues are extremely popular, making it an obvious choice to double up your denim. Pair a lighter top with a darker wash jean (or vise versa) for a look that’s nothing but cool.

Beanies – Get cozy with beanies. Keep your head warm as you try to heat up your hands around a fireside latte. 

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