90s Fashion – Love it, Hate it, Need it.

A group of friends ruled the small screen, Cory and Topanga were relationship goals, and Cher Horrowitz taught us to embrace yellow plaid.

The ’90s were the best of times.

RWH denim jacket paired with Lucky Brand destructed boyfriend jeans

The decade of the crop top, of ‘mom’ jeans being ‘the’ jeans, and when versions of the Canadian tuxedo graced top ad campaigns across the country.

Again, the ’90s were the best. Which is probably why a resurgence was bound to happen, and also why we are so giddy about it happening now.

Yes, giddy.

Chokers, grossly over-sized denim jackets, high-waisted everything and some combat boots = our must haves.

Block letter prints and sneakers hold a significant ranking, simply because the world was a better, simpler place when track pants and sneakers were trending.

Talking simple. Can we also bring back skates?

In the ‘90s Sarah Michelle Gellar’s main mode of transportation was rollerblading (at least it felt that way) – and we like to think this outfit would have provided full range of motion, while getting a thumbs up by co-star turned boyfriend turned hubby Freddy Prince Jr..

First thought:  A.C. Slater, anyone?

We also feel like this would have been a solid concept for N’Sync to tap into. Maybe a little less leather would have kept them together longer. Just a thought.


Finally an ode to a Shakespearean-based coming of age tale that became iconic in it’s own right:  If a party is just a party, and hell is just a sauna, then this trend is just our blip in our fashion forecast.

Ha – As if!

You know we had to.


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