Outfits Under $100 For Your Special Events

Your BFF rang. She wants her dress back.

You know, the one you borrowed for that special occasion last summer and kept hostage?

Partly because you aren’t prepared to see it go, but… also because you’re not quite keen on dry cleaning yet. Hors d’oeuvres and champagne? Oops….

Girl in a floral off-the-shoulder dress and nude flats.

Amuse off-the-shoulder dress – $56.00, Qupid Nude Flats – $29.95

It’s fine though. You’ll move on. Three weddings and a bachelorette party? It’s a tough world out there.

One that requires you to wear fabric that stretches with every bad dance move you’ve ever thought about doing… or did…

Laydown of a floral off-the-shoulder dress and nude flats.

Round sunnies – $12.95

Remember that champagne?? We didn’t think so…

But then there are those trickier Day Events. You know, the baby showers, the bridal showers, baptisms and Easter.

Girl in pink tank top and green kahkis.

Daytrip Chiffon Tank – $24.95, Strappy Sandal – $24.95

You’re not too excited about showing off your legs in the unpredictable spring breeze.

So pants are your friend. And we aren’t talking about blue jeans…

Laydown for pink tank top and green kahki pants.

BKE Skinny Pant – $39.95, Teardrop Earing – $9.95

Unless they’re colored.

Girl in a grey skater skirt, mauve lace top and black bralette.

Glitter Top – $21.95, Grey Skirt – $28.00

But just in case your presence is required for an all-day event, we suggest the above.

(Psst… we’ll allow high-waisted jeans and these heels for an “after hours” option.)

Laydown of a grey skater skirt, mauve lace tank top, and black bralette.

Taupe Bralette – $19.95

Now, go be a good friend. Return the dress. Tell a joke. Buy tacos.


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