A Guide to Summer Essentials

Was anyone else caught off guard this morning waking up to it being June? Admittedly, spring got turned a little sideways as we spent more time than ever inside, at home, away from most of the people we love to spend our spare minutes with. But those days felt so long in the moment, so to look back and have them blur into one another seems a little contradictory to what we’ve been feeling and saying for over eight weeks now.

As far as fashion, well, a lot went unworn. Dresses stayed put, hanging, waiting for their turn on a dance floor that never appeared, and then there’s the active wear that transitioned to a not so active, but essential, part of every day. But with June, comes summer, and we’re determined to not let this one slip by.

While the sun is still shining and we can still get dressed, we’re going to take all the inspiration we’ve been saving and cash it in on the next few months. Whether you’re an observer of the magic of summer Fridays, or you just feel like a better person with a tan – this one’s for you.

Fellas, Consider These a Need to Know


You know that friend that makes everything look unrealistically easy? Hybrids are that guy, in a short.
Wearable, breathable, comfortable, oh, and did we mention moisture-wicking? You see how our argument here is valid. We know summer heat can go without the added length, so we’re carrying hybrid short options from favorite brands like Hurley and BKE, and doubling down on everything from length offering, to style, to colorways. Our goal, that you could live every summer day in these – and we think we’re getting pretty close.
But you don’t have to take our word for it, shop them yourself.


We get it. You’re hot, it’s hot, no one really likes to be hot. But, everyone does have a favorite pair of jeans.
We’ve been noticing that favorite pair may not get into the rotation quite a much in the warmer months, which is why we introduced a little tech to our denim line-up. Meet Coolmax, a fabric designed to help you be chill, even as the temperatures rise. Too good to be true? Try it for yourself.


There’s just something about a classic that always has us coming back for more, especially when there are some updates involved. These polos aren’t just for the golf course anymore but instead are built for the day to day and whatever that may translate to for you. Chasing kids around the house, and then maybe a rouge sprinkler? We’d suggest checking out our Dri-FIT options. Wanting to make a good impression while meeting the parents? Maybe opt. for something in her favorite color. Trying to just look good without having to put in a lot of effort? These venting collars will ensure you look cool as ever.
You can thank us later ☺️

Ladies, Let’s Have some Fun

Easy Outfitting

We know they say Saturday’s are for the boys, but that means the rest of the week is fair game (oh, and Saturdays aren’t off the table). While we’re fully aware ‘easy outfitting’ isn’t exactly a categorical filter you’ll find on most fashion sites, it’s something we’ve prioritized between seeing what you’re posting, wearing, buying, and what we are. Getting dressed is something we (especially I, personally) look forward to, but there isn’t a lot of extra brain power left to think it through with quite such coordination as we did in seasons prior.

That’s why we pivoted into pieces that have maximum impact with minimum effort attached. Leggings, bralettes, trend denim with some streeetttccchhh, and (my personal favorite) dresses. Easy as one, two, three – or roll out of bed and into that Zoom call. πŸ˜‰


It just wouldn’t be summer without this little shortcut that’s made its way to staple status in our closets. Again, we’re not abandoning that idea of comfort, so we found even more options in fabrics made for all-day wear and some that are sustainable too!
For our denim babes, consider this the RSVP you’ve been waiting to actually deliver on. Everything from shortie lengths, to midi, to bermuda, and if you are after a trend detail (mom fit, anyone?) we have πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ covered πŸ‘.
After all, we know the love you feel for your favorite pair of jeans, and we are wanting you to build that connection with its shorter, more warm-weather friendly, counterpart.


We have been wearing our shoes significantly less, which means that when we do, we’re quickly realizing why we do (or don’t) love them. We went through our summer shoe buys months before they hit stores and were won over by bright colors and throwback silhouettes, but fast forward to now and we’re looking for that go-to when we do break out of the house for a bit. Something that balances our love for style, with a love for keeping it effortless and off duty. Cue, slides.
You can’t go wrong with a throw on and go style that is every bit as bold as you are, at least that’s what we’re finding to be true. From Birkenstock to Mia, slides are price point friendly and look dang good regardless of what they’re being paired with.

While things are undeniably heating up, we’re always taking note of the trends that you’re loving – so make sure to share with us what pieces you’re reaching for again and again, and how you’re wearing them! We’ll meet you in the comments. ❀️

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