A Playlist to Transport You Here

we've built a playlist to transport you here, as you work through your holiday to-dos

The leftovers have long gone, the garland hung, and the outfits built – now it’s time for the part we, personally, like to stretch out just a bit longer. While risking getting a little gimmicky, we like to slow things down a little bit as we start to pull together those final touches – things like wrapping the gifts that will inevitably end up under the tree – watching a holiday classic (or five) that we could recite line by line – filling the house with the smell of cookies, mulled wine, or (again, personal preference) homemade Chex Mix that always ends up a *bit* better than what you find in the store.

Whether you have found yourself enjoying all or none of these things, we felt an update to our playlist was due, just to serve as the perfect background music for those holiday moments.

We enlisted the help of a few in-house music aficionados along with our good friends the Talbott Brothers to curate a holiday playlist with a bit of folk, and a lot of soul, that ideally will leave spirits a bit brighter than we found them.

As some of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by those we love, others are left wishing we were – so, whatever your situation, we hope this playlist transports you here – where you want to be.

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