All We Need is Here

You know when you hear that song? The one that immediately transports you miles, maybe years, to that time when… you can fill in the blank. For some of us, there is more of a playlist, than just a single song. The song that takes you back to the first time you hit the road without a destination set, the song that brings you to that first dance, or the one that puts you right next to the fire surrounded by friends and instruments.

For our holiday campaign, we understood music would be essential to getting the story right. To bring you ‘here’.

While we do consider ourselves music enthusiasts, none of us were rushing in with song lyrics. That’s where we turned to Nick and Tyler Talbott of The Talbott Brothers. You see, they have been friends of the brand for years and know us well, know those that shop us well, and can make some really good music.

So, we sat down and talked about Here. About what it means to us, what it might mean for someone else, and how we wanted to bring it to life with one really great song you can’t help but listen to on repeat from now through the holidays.

We parted ways, only to have the sibling duo come back a few weeks later with something special, a new song called ‘All We Need is Here’.

Almost needless to say, (but we’ll say it anyway) we loved it.

Now we had a campaign we all believed in, a song to encompass the spirit of the message, and the perfect partners to make it come to life. But, that’s enough about how we got here, we sat down with Nick and Tyler to learn a bit more about them, their music, and what inspires their own version of here.

What got you started in music?
We stumbled across our dad’s old acoustic guitar and record collection in the basement when we were kids. Mom always had music on in the house and in the car so we were constantly exposed to a variety of music growing up. We’re originally from a small town in Nebraska called Imperial and when we weren’t playing sports we were writing music and putting bands together with our friends. We learned the value of hard work and eventually started playing shows and touring together. We haven’t looked back since.
Why did it make sense to partner with us on this campaign?
We spend the majority of the year traveling so we’ve had to figure out how to be present wherever we are. Living in the moment these days can be a challenge with so many distractions, but music has been a vehicle for us to slow down and share a moment with our listeners. The concept of ‘here’ is one that we take with us wherever we go and something we know won’t fade or change. We had a lot of fun writing ‘All We Need is Here’ for this campaign and it reminds us to enjoy the moments with the people who are truly important.

One word to describe the other:
Ty describe Nick: Analog

Nick describe Ty: Rustic

Favorite part of the songwriting process?
Ty: Capturing the initial inspiration and working backward from an idea.

Nick: Producing the song and experimenting with different sounds and instruments that help enhance the lyrics.
What song is currently your favorite? Why?
Ty: Currently I’m spinning ‘Where the Wild, Wild Flowers Go’ by Ola Belle Reed. It’s from one of my favorite movies called the ‘Peanut Butter Falcon’.

Nick: ‘Time Stands’ by Nathaniel Rateliff has been on repeat lately. For me, it reflects our current society and the emotion behind the actions taken. There is a lot of division and sometimes we even try to fight against time itself.
Favorite part of being able to create as brothers? Toughest part?
As brothers, we have this sort of unspoken understanding that saves a lot of time and energy when we create or perform. Since we were kids we’ve always had each other’s backs whether one of us got into a fight or we were pulling pranks. The double-edged sword is we tend to cut to the chase pretty quickly and call each other out on our bs. We’re competitive but we’ve learned to harness that sibling rivalry in a healthier way. For us the biggest thing is acceptance over change.
Where is your ‘here’?
Family, friends and a good drink. 

At the end of the day, there is no doubting the ability of a really great song bringing you exactly where you want to be.

Listen to ‘All We Need is Here’ now on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

We also love following them when they’re on the road, and at home – to do the same, follow @talbottbrothers.

Oh, and in case you’re free this Wednesday – join us for a LIVE concert on our Instagram (@buckle) where the brothers will perform ‘All We Need is Here’ for the first time.

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