Accessories: A New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

Taking a quick break from the chilling of champagne bottles to provide a few last minute New Year’s Eve hot tips, because… well, you helped make 2016 pretty great for us.

3u6a0495Hot Tip 1:  sequins are just about as waterproof as raincoats.

Not that it will be raining, but… well, champagne, remember?


Hot Tip 2:  pack an emergency kit of essentials, mainly your favorite jewels and face paint.

Pausing one second…. YES Buckle IS selling make-up bags. It is indeed shaping up to be a rather glorious 2017.


Hot Tip 3:  spray a healthy dose of stain protector on your suede boots.

One too many good pairs have been lost to spilled liquids… enough is enough. Keep these jewel-toned beauties safe by spraying them and letting them sit overnight.

Or risk buying a replacement pair come January 2nd, it’s really your call.

Just one more glamour shot of these bags. Really, they are life savers.

See you in 2017! But, until then….


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