Before we peace out of 2016 – The best trends of the year.

While some people are saying goodbye to 2016 (don’t worry, we’re right there with ya), we’re going to take a few minutes to reminisce over the year’s top trends before officially waving farewell.

And don’t worry, some of your favorites are sure to be seen at the start of the new year.


#1 – Flares. Sorry skinny jeans, your well fitted ways can be overlooked next to the comfort of ’70s inspired flares in stretchy fabric. I mean, we still love you, we might just be loving flares a little more.


#2 – Chokers & Bandanas. OK, OK, we cheated and put two trends together, but how perfect is this combination?

We don’t see chokers slowing down anytime soon . Oh… and did we forget to mention that western inspired accessories were also a big thing? Necklaces, belts, hats – you name it.


#3 – Bralettes. Just, YAS. Strappy details, intricate lace, and pretty straps are exactly what we’ve been looking for to add interest to our outfits. Answer this: what’s not to love about the comfort of bralettes? Exactly. There isn’t.


#4 – Suede. We’ve been on such a velvet kick recently that suede’s popularity might have been soon forgotten toward the later half of 2016. We’re not sure how long this trend will stick, but we’ll always have the memories for our scrapbook. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.


#5 – Bodysuits or High-waisted jeans? We love both. So coming in at #5 is bodysuits with high-waisted jeans trailing in as an added bonus. Formfitting and sleek, we love the bodysuit for it’s abilitiy to give us a little pep of confidence. And high-waisted jeans? We love their ability to hug over our hips and keep us feeling good all day long.

No matter what happens in 2017, we’re just excited to see which trends you decide to keep, and which one’s you’ll permanently adopt as a staple to your style.

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