Behind the Scenes: MAGIC

Last week, our women’s buying team spent the week in Las Vegas at an intense, fashion trade show called MAGIC. Just imagine top fashion brands and the latest trends being displayed room after room, floor after floor…then, keep imagining more. Our team caught up with some of our current friends at Roar, Affliction, Miss Me, and more while getting inspired by meeting with several new and exciting brands. When they weren’t busy swooning over all of the new fashion, our buyers spent some time in seminars learning how to anticipate trends, going to special events like concerts, and taking in a little bit of Vegas.

Want to know what our buyers were inspired by at MAGIC? Keep up with our new arrivals!

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our team during their MAGIC experience…

Right before our team hit the market!

Have you ever seen so much Roar?

Color palettes for different fashion samples

Each brand at MAGIC portrayed different personalities. Here is a quote we love from the Miss Me booth.

Ashton met up with Snooki!

Recognize Stephen Stagliano from The Bachelor Pad?

Capital City and Fitz and the Tantrums performed for an evening of fashion and entertainment.


  • rolltidedistrict

    I love this post!happy and fun. all those pictures mean something amazing!very inspiring.Love your look! pls. Click Here


    So fun! Tradeshows are so overwhelming, in a good way. Hopefully this is me in a few years. Love my time at Buckle and hope to only continue. <3

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