Guest Blogger Kay: How to Layer for Spring

Meet one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Kay, from By a Red Thread Blog. She’s going to share some tips on how to conquer the art of layering!

Layers, layers, layers – my question for you… why wouldn’t you dress in layers? You have a closet full of clothes and only so many days in the year. By mixing and matching different pieces, you get to wear more of your clothing each year, and every outfit seems like a new one. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and really stand out. Layering is a work of art, so show off your masterpiece!

Here are 6 steps to layering:

1. Begin with one or two basic camis as your bottom layer, and a pair of jeans or bottoms.

Guest Blogger Kay

I picked a crop in my favorite fit – BKE Sabrina. I love sandals, especially wedges. Being so short, they add some height and really bring out my girly side.

2. Pick a top that will be your focal point.

Guest Blogger Kay

I picked this pink, flowy, sheer embellished top with amazing silver details as my focal point. It’s definitely a color that we will see this spring and summer!

3. Add something that really brings out the color of your focal piece.

Guest Blogger Kay

I always pick a color that compliments without overpowering the focal piece. I chose a collared shirt because it’s a great complimentary layer, and check out the details on the collar! I tied the front in knots to add variety.

4. Decide on a neutral that will tie everything together and add some length to your look!

Guest Blogger Kay

For this outfit, I decided to add a shorter layering piece. I wanted to add some different texture other than the sheer material and jeweled pieces. I fell in love with this fringe cardigan the second I laid my eyes on it and knew it would be the perfect texture for spring! I love that I can see the blue from my last layer through the lace, and the fringe adds length and a bit of free spirit to my outfit.

5. Tie it all together.

Guest Blogger Kay

A denim vest is a staple that needs to be in every girl’s closet this spring! You can layer it with anything from a sweater to a swimsuit. Being the shortest layer of my outfit, the denim vest tied my entire outfit together.

6. Find the accessories that will make your outfit scream, “Look at me. I rock!”

Guest Blogger Kay

The more bracelets, the better. Arm candy has been one of the hottest trends for the past couple of years. The layered necklace takes my outfit from amazing to *uh-mazing!* The turquoise in the necklaces grabs the blue from my collared shirt and makes it pop. 

Guest Blogger Kay

The headband ties all of the colors of my outfit together. For the final touch, I threw on some sunglasses and a backpack, and I’m off to class, shopping, or just a day with the girls!

Layering is really an art. You start with a base. Add a focal piece, complimentary pieces, texture, and variety to create a masterpiece that grabs attention for the right reasons. Don’t forget about the importance of accessorizing. Truly, it’s all in the details! Good luck, and happy layering!


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