Behind the Scenes: The Making of Corral Boots

WARNING: If you already adore Corral boots for their unique style and intricate detail, prepare yourself. You’re about to fall even more in love with this brand.

Two of our buyers, Melissa and Lynn, recently traveled to Corral’s headquarters and got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to create every country girl’s favorite footwear. The journey led them to León, Mexico, a city often called “The Shoe Capital of the World” thanks to its proximity to the experts and resources craved by the hundreds of shoe manufacturers who call it home. Corral’s factory, located in the heart of León, is where every single Corral boot is carefully handcrafted. The video below captures the meticulous process Corral uses to create each boot. Melissa and Lynn got to see this process live, and they captured some highlights of their trip in the images that follow the video.

Melissa (left) and Lynn (right) strike a pose with some “Corral”ed wheels.
On the manufacturing floor, top-rated materials are combined with expert craftsmanship to ensure each boot meets Corral’s high standards. The overall quality and attention to detail are what make Corral boots a Buckle guest favorite.
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