Breaking Fashion Rules: Mixing Colors

We’ve all heard them – those infamous fashion no-nos. Their origins may be a mystery, but over the years these “fashion rules” have spread like the plague into our wardrobes, making us second guess what to wear and when to wear it.

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day.”
“Don’t wear this color with that color.”
“Less is more.”

Really? We beg to differ! White is forever. Non-traditional color combos are awesome. And less is more? False – more is more!
It’s time to stop questioning your fashion choices and just do what feels right – break some rules! Each week in April, we’ll take a look at a few of these fashion no-nos. Then, we’ll show you how to shatter each rule, breaking it with confidence!
Up this week – color mixing.

Rule to break: Never wear black and brown together.

The key to breaking this rule is contrast. Black and brown can look great together, but it’s important that the shades are different enough to be distinct. That way, each piece in your outfit catches the eye separately. This can be accomplished by keeping one major piece (skinny jeans for example) a dark black, while keeping other pieces (like a top and/or pair of boots) a lighter shade of brown.
Another helpful tip is to start with a piece that already features both brown and black. This way, any other elements you bring in to your outfit will accent the starter piece.

Rule to break: Silver and gold jewelry should not be worn together.

This old rule is definitely on the chopping block. This season, it’s easy to find jewelry that incorporates both silver and gold metals. Don’t be afraid to add this trend to your closest.
You can also achieve this look with pieces you already own. The trick is choosing pieces that are different colors but have similar shapes. Whether it’s geometric shapes, chains, hardware, or diamonds, the consistent lines will help tie it all together.
Rule to break: Black and navy don’t mix.

Similar to breaking the black/brown rule, it’s important to remember contrast when you wear navy and black together. This look also requires that you go all in. A small amount of each color can look like a mistake, but an entire outfit featuring these colors can really make a statement. Think of it like a picture frame. If it’s a little crooked, it just looks off. If it’s at a complete 90 degree angle, you know it’s meant to be!

Let your inner rebel out, and give these tips a try. We’ll have more to come next week! In the meantime, tell us what you think. What fashion rules do you like to break, and which ones do you tend to follow?


  • sarah trawick

    love the rules to break posts! keep them coming! looking good tammy!;)

  • Anonymous

    Black and brown is my favorite color combo to wear crazy to think it was “against the rules” for so long!

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