Meet Our Top Designer: Gimmicks by BKE

We asked. You voted, and now, the results are in. The championship title for your favorite spring look goes to… boho! Your votes have us fired up for spring boho trends. So much so, that we wanted to share with you some boho insight from an extremely talented individual, the designer of our premier brand, Gimmicks

Meet the brilliant mind behind the design, Kelli. Our favorite part – her designs are all Buckle exclusive! She agreed to sit down with us to answer a few questions and let us invade her afternoons to snap some photos of her creativity in action. 

How long have you been with Buckle and how did you start? 
I’ve been with the Buckle for going on 15 years. I began part-time while in college as a fit model for our tops and bottoms.
When did you discover your interest in fashion and designing?  

I always loved to create and be creative in many different ways. My interest in fashion derived through my participation in 4-H as a young girl with my mom who taught me all I know about sewing and construction. Then, I’d say my interest moved to sports while in high school and then back to fashion when I started working for Buckle.

What is your favorite thing about fashion? 
Change! I love the fast pace of fashion within the trends and how things change so often. This also results in so many different avenues for one to express their own individual style.
A Gimmicks piece through its stages: Sketch, tech-pac, and final product

Where do you find your inspiration?  

I honestly am inspired by so many things – shopping other retailers, magazines, celebrity styles, home goods, and my unavoidable gut feelings! But my main inspiration is color because it can make or break a style.

What are your favorite trends for spring and summer? 

The trends I’m looking forward to the most are the lightweight, over-sized cardigans, simple tanks with back interests, and high rise jeans.

What’s your favorite Buckle Denim?  
My favorite fits are from Big Star Vintage, but I also love the more “fast” fashion pieces from Flying Monkey Jeans and Articles of Society.

How does your style influence your work?  

For Gimmicks in particular, it really is the style and label that is closest to my own personal style. I love the freedom, eclectic mix, and silent statements the pieces embody. They (Gimmicks pieces) say so much all on their own that they require less of a need to marry with a large number of other pieces.

What do you do when you’re not designing? 
Work on buying (Kelli laughs) but outside of work, I am busy being a wife and mother!
Where is the coolest place you have traveled for work? 

Boy, I have been so many amazing places, but I would say in regards to design, my favorite so far has been London. Although the fashion wasn’t as different from the US, the different culture and people there made that trip amazing to me.

Kelli and Kelsey at MAGIC. Photo cred:
What is your favorite part about your job?  
Doing something different EVERY single day. I also love the blend of being creative, being analytic, and being organized – all traits of a Virgo!Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion design/buying majors?
I’d say, find your niche and build it with confidence!

Thanks for chatting with us, Kelli! Let us know, who do you want to meet next?


  • Buckle

    The sku for the cardigan is 509529 and is sold out online. However, we do have them available for Special Ordering if you contact us at 800.607.9788 we can help you out!

  • sarah trawick

    where can i get the cardigan with the big star livs?? I must have it!

  • Anonymous

    Besides your bke jeans, i didnt know buckle had a private label. Kudos to you guys!

  • Casey Delaney

    I love that cardigan!!

  • Alex Rosebury

    I want this job! How can I get there?

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