buckle SELECT – The reason you’re ditching your old box service.

Our speed dial plays out something like this:

1 – Mom

2 – Dad

3 – Neighborhood pizza place

4 – Best friend with the style confidence to supplement our own

If we’re completely honest, 4 is the new 1, and we were in search for a back-up plan for the times we are sitting in a fitting room clothed in an outfit that’s sure to be a home run but also maybe, hypothetically, a fly ball.

We aren’t baseball experts, but even we know fly balls can get messy.

Enter buckle SELECT. A service that comes with a stylist doubling as that stand-in best friend who’s truly dedicated to making you look good, and more importantly, FEEL good.


Best friends end up best friends because they know us on our good days and on the days when we aren’t even sure we like ourselves.

A stylist should be the same.

They understand how outfits need to differ between a night out, a work function, and the days off spent running errands while balancing the family calendar.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3. (or a text, email, even a phone call – kind of a call me, beep me situation)


Oh, and remember all of those Pinterest secret boards and Instagram saves you have piled up?


Send one or all of them (within reason, we know how easy it is to save and forget, life is BUSY) to your buckle SELECT stylist for some guided inspiration.


Did we mention this best friend also doesn’t pass judgement on your budget? #blessed


Now, all for trying outfits in the comfort of your own home, raise your hands.

Us too!*

Keep the product you love, return or exchange the product you don’t within 10 days. Free shipping both ways within the continental U.S.. No waiting for a text message while sitting in a fitting room.

*We are assuming your hand is raised. At least metaphorically speaking.


Oh, and buckle SELECT isn’t just for ladies. (your stylist will dress the man in your life, AND the kids!)

So, who will your new stylist best friend be?

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