Another Reason to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Call the girls. We’ve got a party to plan.

One that will have you and the besties reminiscing long after the quesadillas are gone.

It’s Cinco de Mayo, friends! And if you think we’re about to deny a girl of margaritas and bomb queso, think again. You should know we’ll be taking ours on the rocks. Yeah?

Girl in Gilded Intent Jeans and a cropped tube top.

The first call to action? Embroidered tops and simple stitched jeans.

Inspired by southwestern influences and comfort stretch, these are jeans we can easily see ourselves enjoying extra guac and salsa in.

Gilded Intent jeans with a stitched cactus and moon.

And by salsa, we don’t mean the condiment. Girl in an Amuse top.

Making a good pair of dancing shoes our #2 priority.

Girl in an Amuse top with two chokers.

Dialing Faryl Robin in for this one.

These shoes have us thinking that a 3 1/2 inch heel is just enough to flirt with before letting our balance fall victim to a blister-induced wobble.

Meaning, we can’t really remember a time we were opposed to lace-up booties with a chunky heel – or GNO.

But no party is a real party without the festive decorations, and these chokers can substitute as the piñata themselves.

At #3, this multi-pack is the party favor we’ve been looking for. Perfect for accessorizing the whole squad, it really only leaves one thing up for debate…

Which Mexican restaurant will you and the girls hit up first?

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