buckle SELECT – The Ultimate Valentine

There are roses and chocolates and plush, over-stuffed animals, but we all know their end. They begin to wilt, they are consumed and often times followed by regret, or they are soon adopted by the household cat.

Lucky for you, we know a secret to gift giving. Gifts that make your significant other feel head-over-heels in love, instead of full of lukewarm enthusiasm.

Here it is, the gift that is just as sweet to unbox on February 14th, as it is March 20th, and again on April 11th. (because once you get the first box, you won’t want to stop)

buckle SELECT.

It’s Buckle’s own styling service, but without the mess of a subscription. A personal stylist that is a fashion confidante. Someone to pass along those saved Pins, the trends your favorite Influencer has mentioned, and even that borderline ridiculous flare that you just can’t help but want to try – but with WHAT?!

Cue your buckle SELECT stylist.

It’s a gift that doesn’t have a timetable. No expiration date; but also no styling fees, or minimum purchase. Sounds exactly like something BAE will love, right?

Let us answer – Right.

Arguably the best part, is that these stylists can not only help get you set up with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, but also get you ready for the big night (or day, depending the plan).

This is also a gift that keeps giving through the year. Think making vacation outfits easy, having your holiday gifts or birthday presents taken care of in one swoop, that sorta thing. A stylist that wants to help style the day to day, but also be there for the big moments.

We understand that the fitting room can at times be daunting, and we understand how it feels to never have enough time. For that reason, and so many more, we have deemed buckle SELECT the ultimate Valentine of Valentines. Freshen up your closet, send us what you like, your sizes, and what you are looking to spend – we’ll help navigate the rest.

Sign up for buckle SELECT today.

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