Dibs – Special Appearance by Tanner Braungardt

There are some brands you just know are a home run from the beginning, Dibs is definitely one such brand.

The youthful graphics leave a feel-good sensation, that makes those wearing it seem like they may just be having a little more fun than those not. Which is one of the reasons we think it has hit a sweet spot among some of our Guests.

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted an event in Grapevine, Texas – with a special appearance by YouTube sensation Tanner Braungardt, and (much like the clothing) it was a huge success. Now, we are talking to the man doing a lot of the ground work at Dibs Clothing, CEO and founder – Zech, and also checking in with Tanner to see how he felt about the day.

All of the messaging behind Dibs is really positive with statements like “Believe in Yourself” and “You are the Future” – what sparked this approach?

ZF – The core of any brand is your message. Dibs is all about promoting a positive, active lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s counter culture to what’s popular. We want to encourage the people wearing Dibs to really express themselves, and by using positive wording in our marketing and on our actual clothing, we can hopefully make a small change in the world.

What makes Dibs stand out compared to other graphic tee brands?

ZF – Again, I really think our message is what’s going to continue to set us apart. The “dare to be different” mantra is at the center of our brand, so we want to attract fans and customers that don’t identify with traditional action sports brands, and instead want to wear a brand that allows them to express themselves in a unique way.

How do the designs come about? 

ZF – The design process is honestly the easiest and most fun part of the job. I still do the majority of the design work personally, and I have a small team of creatives that have worked with me for over 10 years that bring a ton of support as well. The addition of the amazing team of influencers we’ve been working with is also a huge help. It’s rare that a brand has an army of 17-21 year-olds on their team that they can get direct feedback from. Our influencer network is like a built-in focus group, so being able to bounce ideas off of them is a massive advantage for us.

Regarding the in-store event in Grapevine. How did you feel seeing all of the genuine excitement surrounding the event and Tanner? 

ZF – It was incredible to see how enthusiastic people were about Dibs. Having Tanner as a partner in the brand has been amazing. He’s a ball of constant energy and positivity, and his social reach is unreal. Seeing over 1,000 people wearing Dibs was definitely an eye opener. I feel like the sky is the limit for Dibs, and we’re excited to have such amazing partners involved in the brand from day 1 like Tanner.

Switching over to Tanner, now – Do you have a favorite piece in Buckle’s collection of Dibs product? 

TB – My favorite is definitely the Wave t-shirt. It suits my personality the most, and I love the colors.

Why was it important to you to make a special appearance in-store? What did you think when you saw the line of people waiting for you?

TB – It was important because when the fans are willing to support me, I’ve got to show my love in return! Seeing the line of people absolutely blew my mind. I expected a few hundred people, and got so hyped when I saw everything that actually showed up.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support me and Dibs!!

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