Buckle’s Guide To Chic & Trendy Casual Office Style

Women's Smart Casual Outfit - Plaid Blazer, White Shirt, Black Denim, and Heels from Buckle

Gone are the days of skirts, suits, and slacks. These days, many workplaces are loosening a few buttons and ditching outdated dress codes for a fresh set of new polices. Take this opportunity to mix denim into your daily routine.

No matter if it’s casual Friday or every day is casual, if you’re starting your first “big girl” job, landing that dream internship, or your workplace just became way more casual, we know you still want to dress to impress when the work week rolls around.

From office to office, not all dress codes are created the same. With terms like business casual, smart casual and office casual all being thrown around, you might be wondering what to wear to the office.

Putting all confusion aside, Buckle’s Guide To Chic & Trendy Casual Office Style is here to break it down for you, and even give you some outfit ideas along the way. Plus, who better to show you how to transition your denim from outing to office-approved than us?

So, let’s get down to business…

We’ll have you looking like a #girlboss in no time.

Business Casual Outfits

Contrary to some beliefs, business casual doesn’t actually include denim. It’s still an all dress clothes type of ensemble – just the dress clothes on the least formal side of the spectrum. Think khakis and a polo or dress pants and a blouse

Smart Casual Outfits

As the name implies, smart casual is a smart way of dressing more casual in the office. It’s a true combination of dress clothes and casual clothes. Think a blazer or dress shirt mixed with clean denim and a dressier shoe, or dress pants mixed with a more casual top.

The great thing about smart casual is that your wardrobe becomes more versatile. Your weekend clothes can become your work clothes, and your work clothes can become your casual clothes. It’s a win-win situation because you get more use out of all your clothes.

Office Casual Outfits

One step away from straight up casual clothing is office casual. Make no mistake, office casual is made up of mostly all casual clothing pieces – it’s just the classier, more sophisticated, work-appropriate type of casual clothing. It’s casual clothing worn in a dressier way.

Think clean denim and a nice sweater, or black denim and a blouse – always with dressier shoes. We’re still skipping the sneakers here!


There you have it,  your guide to chic and trendy casual office style – boss-babe approved!

At the end of the day, we know there’s still a lot of grey area when it comes to relaxed office dress codes. Just remember, the key to any of these styles is to look pulled together and polished. If you’re unsure if an outfit will work in the office, overdressed is always best.

Now it’s your turn!

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  • Emily Fang

    Thanks for your blog.I am looking for a casual work outfit that suits me, and the clothes above are all I like, and I plan to add them to my closet.

  • shrija

    Loved all the outfits . Great collection of stylish outfits. This is all I was looking for many days. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll definitely share this with my friends.

  • Yvonne Beckman CPA

    OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it!!!! CPA, deskjockey professional type, just lost my job and looking for a new ‘fit’!!! Think I found it! already love Daytrip line from the Buckle, looking forward to coming in and becoming a new fashion icon!!!
    Thank you for that!!!

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