Pair & Wear: Introducing Buckle Black Tops

We can’t help but be a little partial to our in-house brands. There is something about private label that just feels good. Buckle Black is no exception. From the perfected fits, to the subtle take on statement detailing, to a range in washes to meet every occasion’s needs – it’s a brand that has become a go-to.

We have always loved the simple, yet sophisticated look of Buckle Black – so much, actually – that we have decided to expand the brand’s offering. That’s right, Buckle Black tops are here!

The first collection has been a bit of a passion project for our women’s buying team. They have worked countless hours to create four sweaters and four tanks that can be paired seamlessly into the ultimate layered look. No awkward bulking or tugging required.

In addition to being made to complement each other, the sweaters and tanks are being offered in a neutral palette, perfect for navigating from season to season.

It’s hard to say no to a quality sweater in one of the colors-of-the-moment – and once we felt the quality of the material, we knew these would quickly be on high rotation for the upcoming months.

And while we are talking pair and wear, don’t forget your Buckle Black jeans to finish the look.

Grab yours just in time for the holidays today! 



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