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We promise it’s not what you think – a list of random, but atheistically pleasing items selected by someone who has all of the best intentions but in reality does not know those closest to you in the least bit.

No, we are turning the stereotypical Instagram-worthy gift guide on its head and focused instead on what we all want, those gifts that just have a little more meaning, a little more intention, and a little more function in the days, weeks, months to come.

Holiday Have-to-Haves: Only at Buckle

While there is something to be said about the tried & true gifting options that make their way under the tree when you want to show some love, but don’t know where to start. From fuzzy blankets to candles that fill the house with holiday scents, gifts that everyone appreciates but that aren’t the most creative – these gifts aren’t them.

These are the gifts you’ll only find at Buckle. Whether pieces from favorite brands like Hey Dude or Rock Revival, or someone from a fail-proof Buckle-only brand like BKE or Willow & Root – these are the holiday have-to-haves.

Give & Get: The Perfect Fit

Probably to no one’s surprise, but we’d be remiss to not mention jeans on our top gifts list. After all, nothing feels like your favorite pair of jeans – and we’re confident those jeans exist at Buckle. Now, add in the fact that no one knows your loved ones quite like you do, and we think you might get them to try something new and discover their new favorite all in one go.

Style in a Step

Hear us out – everyone needs a great pair of shoes. Whether looking for the casual comfort of something like Hey Dude that has made them a five-star favorite – or something made to withstand whatever winter weather has to throw at you like SOREL, a great shoe is the gift that brings in some of that function we mentioned before.

The best part, though? Not only at these great shoes – they add that ‘cherry on top’ type of feeling for the perfect outfit that represents their personal style.

For the Perfect Something

Not for the hard to shop for, but the ones who would rather do the shopping themselves with a little help from you. Sometimes a gift card is simply the best route, especially when wanting to make sure they get the perfect something whether it’s finally splurging on that piece they’ve had saved for later in their carts or giving them the reason to re-stock on some of their go-tos that they have been planning on replacing soon, a gift card gives them that little extra nudge to do something nice, just for them.

Oh, and if you are the notorious last-minute gift shopper, we can promise you that an e-gift card will always make it on time. 😉

After all, few things bring joy like giving the perfect gift.

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