How To: Style Boots

A seasonal staple that may be overlooked by some out of the pure need for a quality pair. Of boots, that is.

Versatile to a fault, boots are one of our absolute favorite winter-wear pieces (that’s use stretch well into the warmer months) due to their way to complete any outfit and add that missing something that you can’t always put your finger on.

Whether searching for fashion or true, nitty gritty functionality – boots can (and do) check both boxes effortlessly. Which is why we’re here, now. To show you a few of our go-tos from the current favorites and just how we are wearing them to navigate trends and the winter months ahead.


It’s the trend that we’re seeing everywhere – for good reason. Western has made its way into our hearts, and our closets, and looks pretty dang good in the effort. For her, we’re seeing western-inspired boots paired with everything from mini dresses, to our favorite jeans. To lean into the mile-long leg effect. we paired a boot with a pop of color with a fully neutral dress and jacket to add just a bit more volume and texture thanks to some lace and, our personal favorite, some fringe.

For him, well, we love a classic taste on the style that has us tipping our hats. Playing up a plaid paired with bootcut jeans that are sure to compliment your favorite (you got it) boot – well, that’s a sure to please look.

Take to the Streets

Did someone say turn up the glam? Or are we hearing things?

A look made for the winter months involves a bit of sparkle and trend. That’s where these boots come in. One of the trends we can’t get enough of are split-hem pants, and when paired with a heeled boot, well, you’l have to excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor. For this specific look we took into consideration the metallic of the boot with the leather finish of the pants and brought in a top that didn’t distract, but added a neckline that sealed the deal.

After all, there’s just something about making a statement that we can’t keep away from – and we’re hoping these looks like bring you over to our side. 😉

Guys, when we say turn heads, this also applies to you. We are LOVING a boot that brings a bit of added interest in your elevated monochrome everyday – case in point, see below. The cargo trend is back in a big way and when shown with a boot that’s a trend in its own right.

Forget the Forecast

We’ve come to accept (albeit, begrudgingly) that it’s winter – and at some point, we will be getting cold feet. But to keep that only truly in relation to the temperature, and not our mood about upcoming plans, we’re going to make a peace offering of sorts. Boots that are every bit as comfortable, as they are functional – which means no cold (or wet, or aching) feet here.

While there. area lot of players in this space, one of our foolproof favorites is SOREL. Genuine leather with a little added warmth just starts to mean more and more the further we get into the winter months. For, we still love the tried and true styling of SORELs with chunky socks and a must have skinny jean. Add in an oversized cardigan with some texture with a beanie to keep you warm truly from head-to-toe and you’re ready for whatever the forecast.

For him, we are rinsing and repeating, in a more masculine sense. Taking real leather boots, pairing them with a slimmer bottom opening and adding a cuff. On top, layering a favorite tee or flannel with a sweater that can easily be added or lost as the day goes on. Finish the look with a beanie of his own, and you have two outfits made in cold weather heaven.

Boots are as versatile as you make them.

This writer is actually sitting at her desk with chunky combat boots paired with a dress as she writes (so take it from me).

When in doubt, head to a store and get a little help from a personal stylist who is sure to find your the boot pairing of your cold weather dreams.

Or, see what’s new on for yourself.

Happy shopping (and pairing).

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