Charleston, South Carolina

we'll take you behind the scenes of our spring shoot in South Carolina, shot in the middle of January.

The spring mindset isn’t always the easiest to focus in on when it’s the first week of January and you are sitting under a few inches of snow and nursing a bit of a holiday hangover, but our team is one to watch and channeled just that as they headed to South Carolina to capture our spring campaign.

The idea behind this campaign? The feeling you get when things start to come together. It can be as simple as a really (really) good outfit, or as complex as balancing life and work and the things (and people) you love.

We wanted to go to a place that was just as beautiful and euphoric, as it was grounding and relatable. A place that felt both aspirational and familiar. And (almost most importantly for those of us experiencing a Midwest winter) a place that was GREEN.

Cue Charleston, and the large oak trees covered in moss that were just as majestic as they were calming – at least according to our team that was spending time shooting under them. The location definitely brought the spring feeling and intention to life, but also played into the clothing, bringing an element of softness and warmth that so many of us love the season for.

Now that we are in February the Buckle office is currently sitting under nearly a foot of snow, instead of those few inches from January – but there is no denying spring is here. The feeling of confidence, of new beginnings, and the first sight of that green grass – we are ready, and hope you are too.

All Together Now.

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