The Journey Home

The post-holiday wave of feelings has washed away, as the hopeful optimism of the fast-approach new year settles in.

We did it all. Dug up old family recipes for cookies we ate by the dozen while watching movies full of holiday cheer, swapped presents and watched expressions as wrapping paper was torn away, broke out the board and card games for a few (friendly) competitive rounds while stories were shared.

Now, it’s time to head our separate ways. All feeling a little more full, a little more excited about what’s to come, and more thankful than ever for the people we have.

This holiday was one unlike any other, like so many things this year, and we handled it the best we could. Keeping each other safe, keeping each other healthy, while still sharing the traditions that make this time so special. Many of us couldn’t be here physically, but we found ways to make it work, making sure loved ones knew that in spirit was *almost* as good.

As we head home, it only seems to make sense to live in those comfy clothes just a second longer, and grab that final moment – right before it’s all over (at least for now).

Thank you for always being a part of what makes our ‘here’ something special, a community we are so lucky to have.

We hope this year is one to remember for all of the right reasons.

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