Commuter Style – What To Wear Biking To Work.

Story has it you have a new set of wheels.

Your commitment to waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual has you reaching for the snooze button, but something about being environmentally friendly and getting more exercise has you ready.

Besides, commuter benefits like saving on gas and connecting to nature sounds like a serious plus.

At this point, you’ve granted band-aids and blister ointment a permanent spot in your morning’s line-up.

And that’s OK with you, as long as the daily commute doesn’t compromise your aesthetic.

Bike Style: Get tips on commuter fashion.

Because, your commute is a stylish one. Take this KanCan skinny stretch jean for example. A high rise promising to make your bike to work manageable with some extra coverage all around. Plus, flowing tops that easily transform with a simple tuck or tie of the shirt.

Consider the whole “loose fabrics” thing a non-issue.

Commuter Style: The jeans you need.

But if this jean had a highlight reel, it would be all about the stretch.

Having tried them myself, these jeans are SOFT. Where I went, they accommodated, all thanks to their 10% polyester, 13% rayon blend. (Hint: Get a jean with polyester.)

Biking in jeans. Commuter Style Mastered.

But if you thought we’d forgotten about subtle detailing, think again. With breathable bralettes in comfy fabrics, keep your style individualized with statement layers.

High neckline’s are preferred so you’re not constantly pulling or adjusting on the road – after all, safety first.

Biking style for commuters.

You’ll also need a pack that can haul your extras like an over-shirt, a change of socks, emergency touch-ups, cell phone, etc.

You can make any pack work, but something’s telling us that gold might just be your color. Thinking Face

Biking to work styles.

Other Bikeable Mentions

Jean Jacket – You can pair it with anything for that insta-cool look.

Plaid – The classic, clean version (unless your office allows something less traditional).

Neutral Sneaks – You can dress them up or trade them out for flats once at the office.

Thick Soled Sandals With Straps – It’s really specific and you think we’re joking, but there’s nothing funny about blisters. Again, band-aids friends.

Biking to Work | Styles You Need

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