Departwest Takes On a New Adventure – Cologne & Shoes

Buckle strives to carry something for everyone – carrying the brands that speak to us as much as they do our Guests. Brands with a story, maybe a lifestyle, but always with our Guests in mind.

That’s why Buckle doesn’t shy away from new projects, or new products – add our fearless buyers to the mix, and some pretty incredible concepts come about.

In this case, this means a brand extension for our resident daredevil Departwest – cologne and shoes, and our guys are pretty excited for both. So, we talked to one of the buyers behind the scenes, to get a feel for what we can expect.

Buckle has an impressive list of private labels – what makes Departwest different from the others?

DW was built for the adventurous guy on the go. You can expect to see ultra-soft fabrics/ wash techniques, bright colors, on-trend details and styling, and so much more. The team has really worked hard to make sure this guest can have it all!

What made now the perfect time to add shoes to the label?

We’ve seen the brand really take off in our other categories and it seemed like the perfect time to introduce price point trend shoes for that guest.

Event-worthy or every day – where are you envisioning these shoes?

We see this style as being your “everyday” casual wear. They have the comfort story to go along with it.

Departwest cologne in one word – Adventure Seeker  

How does the cologne play off the aesthetic of the brand as a whole?

A man’s cologne describes his personality and completes the look. Each brand’s scent has been catered to who we think that guest is, where they are spending their free time, and how they live their everyday lives. We want the cologne to speak to your everyday.

Why should Departwest be the go-to?

Departwest is mostly driven by quality at a great price point for that younger trend-setter guest. If they have not tried on the shoes or sprayed the cologne they definitely should, the story inside the shoe is just as amazing as the story outside.

 What do Guests have to look forward to from the brand?

We see this brand living with potential to grow and set new trend styles which will only allow us to make new designs in other shoes and other colognes.


Needless to say – we’re excited.



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