Live Undefined | Meet Jeff

The last of the Live Undefined series is here, and with it, another glance at one of our most loyal guests.

Meet Jeff, a personal trainer, who just so happens to frequent one of our stores in Orland Park almost as much as he frequents the gym.

Meet Jeff

How does Buckle fit your lifestyle?

Being a personal trainer is a lifestyle… so I stay in shape. The clothes I wear from Buckle complement that lifestyle with their quality and fit. Also, I like the styles they carry because of their trends. I like that they carry brands that match my passion to stay fit and look young.

Favorite Brands: Salvage, Outpost, BKE Black, 7 Diamonds, Departwest, Hurley, American Fighter, Saxx, Toms, Steve Madden, Hey Dude, and Puma.

Live Undefined Series | Meet Jeff | Outpost Jeans

Why do these brands resonate with you ? Or what about these brands excites you?  

With the jeans and the shirts it’s the fit… they complement my lifestyle, but also I just like the overall style. There is no better underwear than Saxx… I’ve tried many pairs of other brands and Saxx is far superior in fit and way more comfortable.

Favorite Jean/Fit: Salvage Mayhem – no question.

Salvage Mayhem jeans

How long have you been a personal trainer? 26 years

What does fashion mean to you?

To me it’s the trend in clothing… this is why I shop the Buckle… I feel no matter what I’m looking for I can find all the latest trends here.

Personal Hobbies: Aside from my gym, I enjoy cooking, travel, sports, and music.

Jeff | Live Undefined

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