Double the Love: Bella Twins bring Birdiebee to Buckle

Everyone loves to feel good in clothes, which is pretty easy to do when the clothes come from a brand that is doing good outside of your closet.

Birdiebee is the passion project of Brie and Nikki Bella, and so when they wanted to visit one of our stores in Orlando to share what makes the brand so special – we were completely on board.  Our Guests seemed to be too, given that more than 250 of you showed up to welcome the Twins with open arms.

Mom duties (understandably) meant that Brie wasn’t able to make it – but was definitely there in spirit as Nikki met with and talked to fans and Buckle shoppers. We talked to the Twins after the event, getting their take on both Birdiebee, and why their supporters mean the world to them.

Birdiebee fleece sweatshirt (you NEED this), sleeveless t-shirt (perfect for the gym!), and tank (hello, Spring!)

Where did the idea for Birdiebee come from? 

Brie:  My sister and I were sitting on a place talking about wanting to use our platforms to make a change in the world – to empower women. We wanted to become entrepreneurs and continue to break barriers like we did at WWE. At Birdiebee, our goal has been to create a community where women can unite and support each other. Our aspirational sayings on our apparel reminds to you “Bee Fearless”, to always “Bee You” and to know you aren’t alone.

How does Birdiebee give back? 
Brie:  We pick different charities to give a portion of our sales to – most recently, we partnered with Dress for Success.

What makes Birdiebee product stand out?

Brie:  It’s definitely our premium fabrics. People touch our product and they are blown away by how soft it is. We wanted an apparel line that not only felt amazing, but also embodied who we are.

Regarding the in-store event in January, why is it important to you to make yourself available to your fans?

Nicole:  My fan interaction is everything to me. They helped us get to where we are at today. If my fans are willing to spend their hard-earned money on me, then I can definitely make time for them. Believe me, I wish I could give it all away for free (LOL), but their support means the world to me so I love coming and supporting them.

Nicole, you stayed until you were able to get to EVERY person in line – we think that is pretty incredible, could you tell us about it from your point of view? 

Nicole:  They drove from all over, they stood in the sun and in line for hours to see me. And all of them truly do inspire me. I love seeing all of their faces and hearing their stories. I couldn’t ever imagine turning them away. They just mean way too much to me. I feel sometimes people in the spotlight forget why they are there – I never will. I’m only here because of my Bella Army.

What does it mean to see Birdiebee in Buckle? 

Nicole:  It’s a dream come true. It makes me feel so accomplished. Brie and I had this dream to build this community and company so we can use our voice and empower others. And to see it in a retail shop like Buckle is astonishing! I still feel like I need to be pinched. It’s so surreal.

As Brie mentioned – Birdiebee’s secret is in the super soft, never-ever-want-to-take-off fabrics. So, with that in mind, shop the newest arrivals from Birdiebee, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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