Easy (Stylish) Outfit Options for Him

Here we are – standing in front of the month of love, hoping that there will be flower arrangements and plush toys in our near future.

One thing we also are thinking about – is what we are going to wear.

Quickly to follow that thought, is what is HE going to wear.

A red dress looks a little less romantic and a little more eccentric when put next to a fella in destructed denim and a graphic tee – right?

In the spirit of love, we want to offer up a few tried and true favorites that are just as date night appropriate as they are comfortable – whether you are shopping for him, or you are planning the ultimate Valentine and need to dress the part.

Option One: Sweetheart in Short Sleeves

A short sleeve woven is quickly becoming the new classic, and we can’t say we mind in the least. Adding a print and pop of color adds a little personality, which is why she fell for you in the first place.

Wanting to take it up a notch? We can’t help but be partial to a floral print – but we are willing to meet you in the middle on a geometric pattern in a blush tone.

Option Two:  Layered Love

We haven’t completely forgotten that it’s February – so if you are heading out, we suggest a functional overpiece that requires little commitment.

Meaning – ditch it when you want without compromising your intended ‘look’.

The trick is that you don’t want the ‘I tried’ look when the jacket is off, which is why we are loving this two-tone henley by Outpost Makers. Still some effort, but in a light fabric, so the only thing making you sweat will be that last-minute reservation.

Option three:  Dance Floor Darling

When you’re looking this good, you better not be planning on staying at home. Sophisticated style perfect for twirling her around a few times, reminding her how smooth you really are.

Oh, and these shoes are super lightweight, so don’t worry about them dragging you down.

Now, how about getting that order in to the florist?

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