One Bomber – 3 Different Ways to Wear It

Pull out your notebook, because we’re here to give you the style 411 on the MA-1 Bomber.

AKA your next flight fall jacket that’ll take you from back roads to breweries.

With a long-standing military history, the original MA-1 bomber jacket was designed to withstand cold, high-altitude weather in crammed cockpits.

But for entertainment purposes, let’s image a “I feel the need… I feel the need for speed,” kind of situation here.

Because if Top Gun didn’t sway our opinion on the bomber jacket’s potential for being ultra cool, then its streamlined fit did.

Just flash forward to 2017, and the reimagined MA-1 is a modern man’s outerwear staple.

(Even if we are still convinced Tom Cruise might of had something to do with it.)

Spending time outside? Show up to the tailgate in style when your bomber and hoodie meet for the look that keeps you warm. It’s the total definition of function meets fashion in that relaxed, easy way.

Grilling with the crew or catching the game inside? Keep things casual with a lightweight tee and classic boot. Stocking cap, optional.

Big night out? Let your black bomber step up your effortless style – making that “not trying too hard” look like you’re barely trying at all.

The only thing missing? The slick shades. Smiling Face With Sunglasses on Apple iOS 10.3

Aviators, obviously.

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