Sometimes life is about the small things – the simple details that help make the bigger picture extraordinary. Often times, attention to detail is exactly what sets you apart from the crowd. We want to help you stand out. That’s why we’re giving you one of our secret weapons – FRINGE!

We know what you’re thinking…Why fringe?

First off, it moves. And we know you’re always on the go. Fringe is a great accent to keep your entire look flowing.

Second, fringe is versatile. As you know, we love to layer, and so does fringe. You can wear it over, under, or in between, and it can take on different styles like Boho or Western. Fringe is also the perfect way to mix simple with statement.

Finally, fringe doesn’t stop with clothing. It can be a great way to show off accessories like a purse or scarf.

So, step out from the crowd and embrace the fringe, because we all notice the simple things in life. And it’s the simple things that give greatness its edge.

Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to flaunt your fringe.

Get this look: Gimmicks by BKE Fringe Duster

Get this look: Billabong Milena Cardigan Sweater

Get this look: BKE Fringe Sweater

Get this look: Gimmicks by BKE Crochet Sweater Vest


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