Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him

The joy of giving a gift is priceless. And holiday shopping is in full force! So, who are you shopping for this year? And what will you get them? If thinking about these questions is causing an increase in heart rate or if your palms are starting to sweat – take a deep breath, and continue reading.

We all have “that one” person in our lives – the one that is nearly impossible to shop for. And there is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of uncertainty after buying what seems to be the perfect gift. We don’t want shopping to bring out the Grinch in you this year, so here are some holiday shopping hints from Buckle to you.

Gifts for Her
Guys, it’s not just about the product this year. Ladies like the “how” and the “why” just as much as they like the “what.” So, be creative! If you get her a bag, stuff it with accessories. If you are thinking a wallet, fill it with gift cards to some of her favorite places. Also, women love jewelry. Don’t be afraid to pick up something that sparkles. Incorporate a theme to your gifts – maybe all cold weather gear to keep her warm for the holidays. Most importantly, have fun with your gifts and always keep it a surprise.

Gifts for Him
Ladies, we know men can be stubborn. And finding the right gift for him can be a challenge, but this is really an opportunity in disguise. This is your chance to give the gift of fashion! He will never know, but make this holiday the first step in polishing his look. Find jeans, scarfs, and other winter essentials for him. Also, our fragrances, watches, and other accessories make for perfect stocking-stuffers.

Check out our Gift Guides for even more helpful hints! We want to know, what are you gifting this year?

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