Fitting for Holidays

It probably won’t surprise you that the holidays are our favorite time of the year. And sure, we love the holidays because we’re gifted with new memories with loved ones…and nomming on home-made goodies. But, we love the outfitting that much more!

Ok, so how do we get you as hyped about outfitting & denim as we are?

Well for starters, an outfit is an expression of who you are – it won’t ever be the same on two people, because each person makes it unique. That’s kind of powerful.

Women’s: Jacket, Sweater, Jeans, Booties, Earrings // Men’s: Sweater, Jeans, Boot

We’re ready to take our denim on a double date this holiday season. We want to be matchy, without being too matchy – ya dig? Like this duo above. Both rocking a slim jean with pops of their favorite neutrals. It’s a nice subtle shift into the cold weather season.

Men’s: Plaid, Jean, Boots // Women’s: Jean, Plaid Duster, Turtleneck, Necklace

Next up is our favorite; a low-key look that’s in favor of getting a round of seconds at the dinner table. Sign you up? Yes, please. One of the best traits in Buckle exclusive denim is the fact that there is so (and we mean SO) much stretch. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is, which wash?

Women’s: Sweater, Mock Neck Top, Jean, Sneaker // Men’s: Button Up, Jean

Ok, we promise we don’t always match when we go out on the town in denim, but isn’t life more fun when we do?! Get your guy a classic button-up that boasts a pop of color to get into the holiday outfitting spirit.

So what’s on your checklist this year? Download the Buckle App to ‘favorite’ the pieces you need this holiday season. Of course, it all starts with the perfect pair (of denim).

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